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Competitive Bidding Round 2 Analysis for {} through {}

The Competitive Bidding Analyzer for Round 2 of the DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program does an impact analysis for providers based on the HCPC codes and Competitive Biddidng Areas (CBA) included in Round 2. It separates the patients who are in the CBA zip codes and those who are not and allows providers to see the direct impact, as well as, the potential lost revenue from losing the patients to other providers for covered HCPCs codes. Users have the option to run the report for all payer types or specify a specific payer type such as Medicare. To run this report for Medicare patients you would select "Include" and then enter the Medicare payer type you have set up in your system. If you have more than one Medicare payer type you will have to run the report multiple times. If you want to look at all of your non-Medicare patients to determine the impact on this population, select "Exclude" and leave the Medicare payer type in the selection box. If you would like to see all patients (payer types) on the report, select "Exclude" and use "None" as a payer type. (this will include Medicare and all other payer types).