Together with Rock-Pond Solutions, MHA has delivered the next generation of enhanced business and information solutions to the infusion and specialty pharmacy industries.

MHA Business Solutions Center is a business information platform installed to your desktop computer delivering powerful reporting and a better, more efficient way to communicate with MHA.

MHA Business Solutions Center Offers...

    A Source for MHA and Industry News and Updates
    • Member Resource Center/My Resource Center: A centralized communication platform, customizable to enhance member access to MHA and Industry news and updates.
    • Specialty Pharmacy Solutions: MHA and real time Specialty Pharmacy Industry news and updates are available, along with MHA Specialty Pharmacy Solutions contracts, published articles and Resource Library.
    • Legislative News and Updates: Keeping members current on MHA’s Legislative advocacy and current events relevant to the Home Infusion and Specialty Pharmacy market.
    • General Infusion Information and Licensure Page: A reference page to all major healthcare related websites with links for easy access.

    Enhanced Technology to Help You Improve Your Pharmacy’s Efficiencies and Cost Savings
    • Specialty Pharmacy Data Extract Tool: An optional data extraction tool to support select MHA Specialty Pharmacy agreements.
    • Drug Recall Alert Reports: Provides drug recall alerts specific to the NDC codes and lot numbers within your pharmacy’s inventory management system.
      • Instantly see who you dispensed to and inventory on hand, allowing you to identify recalled drugs that your current recall management procedures may have missed.
    • Enhanced Remote Support via GoToMeeting Integration: Quarterly Business Reviews, GPO support and conferencing functions are now available through GoToMeeting integration.

    A Business Platform Delivering Advanced Reporting
    • GPO Purchasing Reports: MHA reports are conveniently housed and readily available to authorized individuals within the organization.
    • Inventory and Savings Reports: A set of Rock-Pond Reports that help manage products, patient and dispensing information, as well as reports that show cost savings and business trends by key indicators.
    • User-Defined Access and Permissions: User-defined access and permissions allows you to control who has access to what information, based on each user’s organizational role and need-to-know.

    To get started, please contact:
    Louis Evans, MHA Alternate Site Program Manager